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High Power Visible Laser Diodes
2014-07-23High Power Visible Laser Diodes

The GCSLD-10-080-5 laser diodes offer up to 80mW of laser power with single mode.Typical emitted beam divergence is 17 degrees in the fast axis and 8 degrees inthe slow axis (FWHM), making the lasers ideal for various applications. producing area:China supplying capacity:1,000pcs/month

High Power Near Infrared Laser Diodes
2014-07-23High Power Near Infrared Laser Diodes

The GCSLD-05 (06) series laser diodes are ideal for a diverse base of customers.At output powers from 200 milliwatts to 5.0 watts CW, the GCSLD-05 (06) laser diodes feature wavelengths with 808nm and 980nm. Typical emitted beam divergence is 40 degrees in the fast axis and 10 degrees in the slow axis (FWHM).The GCSLD-05 (06) laser diodes are especially useful for medical and solid-statepumping applications.Under type numbers are available: 1) GCSLD-05-200m-5, 808nm / 200mW / TO18 package2) GCSLD-05-500m-8, 808nm / 500mW / TO5 package3) GCSLD-05-001-8, 808nm / 1W / TO5 package4) GCSLD-05-002-4, 808nm / 2W / TO3 package5) GCSLD-05-2500m-3C, 808nm / 2.5W / C-mount package with FAC6) GCSLD-05-004-3C, 808nm / 4W / C-mount package with FAC7) GCSL...

Cosmetic Laser Equipment
2014-07-23Cosmetic Laser Equipment

CosLas-I is a portable multi-application laser system. With two distinctwavelength to choose from, 1,064N.m Nd: YAG and 532nm KTP. The CosLas-I provides the most optimal wavelengths for tattoo removal,pigmented lesions, diffuse redness, telangiectasia, rosacea, spider angiomas,cherry angiomas, port wine stains, lentigines and keratoses. Over 10 years experience of developing surgical grade laser systems offers unsurpassed reliability, compact size allows easy transportation between offices, and advance design minimizes any routine laser maintenance.Features: 1) 1,064N.m and 532nm dual working wavelengths 2) Portable design 3) Ideal for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, spider angiomas treatment producing area:China supplying capacity:50 se...

Cosmetic Light
2014-07-23Cosmetic Light

Features: 1) Quick and easy to use: a) Touch screen interface, means a quick and easy set-up for users at all levels b) Large contact head size means greater coverage and faster treatments, resulting in lower running costs and increased profitability c) High repetition rate allows for faster treatments 2) Increased effectiveness & client comfort: a) Capable of delivering and impressive 50J/cm? far superior to most other units on the market b) Active contact cooling maximizes results with minimal risk and discomfort to your clients c) Light Recollection technology increases efficiency by redirecting lost energy back into the target area d) Sapphire-light guides increase client c...

Cosmetic Light
2014-07-23Cosmetic Light

It is a non-invasive, entry-level system for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin treatment and hair removal using photo rejuvenation-low-rist procedures with high rates of patient satisfaction. It improves the appearance of photo-aged skin, removes age spots, most begin brown pigments, and broken capillaries. The superior treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions uses broad spectrum non-laser intense pulsed light technology. It has a portable economy design provides adequate functions at a low cost, and the lightweight allows easy transportation between offices.Specifications: 1) Optical source: IPL (intense pulsed light) 2) Wavelength range: 380~1,200nm, 520~1,200nm, 590~1,200nm, 640~1,200nm 3) Width of pulse: 2-15ms4) Light spot: 14 x 40mm...

Diode Pumped Nd: YAG Laser Module
2014-07-23Diode Pumped Nd: YAG Laser Module

The GCDMP modules are of laser engine of Nd:YAG lasers. They are worked by incorporating into existing laser cavities. Comprising a Nd:YAG rod and pumping diodearrays, the pre-aligned unit is housed in a rugged and robust mechanical structurewith cooling and electrical connecting points.GCDMP series included:GCDMP-15-025: dia. 3mm YAG rod, 25W output powerGCDMP-15-050: dia. 3mm YAG rod, 50W output powerGCDMP-15-075: dia. 3mm YAG rod, 75W output powerGCDMP-15-100: dia. 4mm YAG rod, 100W output powerGCDMP-15-200: dia. 5mm YAG rod, 200W output power producing area:China supplying capacity:20 units/month

635nm Diode Laser System
2014-07-23635nm Diode Laser System

The GCSLS-09-002 is a turnkey system that provide a simple and reliable solutionfor operating high power 635nm laser diodes. The whole system is designed for easeof use, and integrates the laser diode with a professional driver, controllerand necessary protections.The applications include research visible photo sensitive materials and therapies.Features:1. Up to 2W high power 635nm laser output2. Simple turnkey operation3. Low power aiming beam4. Adjustable power/current5. Adjustable temperature allows wavelength tuning (2~3nm)GCSLS-09-002:1. 635nm, 2W output power from 400um core fiber output with N.A.0.222. FC/ST/SMA905 connectors available3. Input: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz 4. Dimensions: 340mm x 420mm x 175mm5. Weight: 1.2kg producing area...

Infrared Image Converter Tube
2014-07-23Infrared Image Converter Tube

GCBXG-701 IR image converter tube provides the capability of converting the invisible near infrared image into the visible image and is comparable to the similar devices in performance like AEG6914.The main performances of the tube: Type: GCBXG-701Size: 76mm x 47.5mmPhotocathode:Type: S1 (caesium-silver-oxide)Peak spectral response: 800nmUseful photocathode diameter: 25mmScreen:Color: yellow-greenPersistence: medium to medium shortUseful screen diameter: 19mm Resolution at center: 50Lp/mmMagnification on axis: 0.76Background equivalent illumination: 0.025LxOperation voltage: 16kVWeight: approx. <200g producing area:China supplying capacity:500pcs/month

Device for Acne Removal and Rejuvenation
2014-07-23Device for Acne Removal and Rejuvenation

CosLED is a product for all types of acnes for the young and the adult. The device is of lightweight and portable, easy to operate. Its reliable performance is steady, with positive results within 3-6 weeks from starting treatment. The device is for effective treatment for acne in the inflammatory stage.Treatment mechanism:CosLED emits a low power red light, fits human cells best. It can penetrate deep to the hypodermis, offering the energy that cells need, to activate cells and clean sebaceous gland; the purple light can destroy the growth of acne, reduce or eliminate harmful fatty acids to low molecular multi-peptides, preventing the sebaceous glands and the hair-follicle wall from blocking and suffering injury.At the same time CosLED pro...

Dental Camera Microscope
2014-07-23Dental Camera Microscope

This product is a mini camera microscope with high cold brightness LEDs. It can magnifyobjects up to 30~50 times if extra lens are used, it can be used for shootingthe teeth, hairs and skin microscope, furthermore in other areas, such as maintainingmachinery, inspecting tiny electronic components or repairing PCB board, and also used to observe insect, plant and flower in primary and junior highschool teaching.Camera Specifications1. USB2.0Signal Output: USB2.0CMOS Total Pixels: 640x480, 800x600Magnification: 30-50 TimesImage Sensor: 1/4" cmOSConsumption Current: 80mA (Max.) Focus Range: 13-16mmSoftware Program: USB PC Camera PlusDimensions/Weight: 200x30x20mm, 50g2. AV OutputSignal Output: NTSC/PALCMOS Total Pixels: 628x582 (PAL), 510x492 ...

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