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Product Information
Name: Sell Dual-Wavelength Fiber Bundled Laser Module
Origin: China (Mainland)
Model No: any size
Post Date: 2014-08-25 23:42:34
Expiry Date: 2015-02-21 23:42:34
Product Description
Sell Dual-Wavelength Fiber Bundled Laser Module:
The GCSLX-Duet-B0510 series provides two working wavelengths from a 300um-600um fiber bundle with N.A.0.22. GCSLX-Duet-Bxxxx features 808nm & 660nm. Various combinations to meet customer\'\'s needs. Customers can customize their specifications by giving alternate wavelengths, connector terminations, various fiber lengths and delivery fibers. Specifications: Dual wavelength: 808nm, 660nm Output power: 2~10W@808nm, 200mW@660nm Fiber bundle dia.: 300um, 400um with N.A.0.22 Connector: SMA905 Cooling: air cool for 808nm, TEC for 660nm Package: 90x 65 x 25mm, 123 x 80 x 27mm Type No. GCSLX-Duet-B0510-202 (808nm/2W & 660nm/200mW) / 300um fiber bundle GCSLX-Duet-B0510-402 (808nm/4W & 660nm/200mW) / 300um fiber bundle GCSLX-Duet-B0510-502 (808nm/5W & 660nm/200mW) / 300um fiber bundle GCSLX-Duet-B0510-1002 (808nm/10W & 660nm/200mW) / 400um fiber bundle
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