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Product Information
Name: Device for Acne Removal and Rejuvenation
Origin: China (Mainland)
Model No: any size
Post Date: 2014-07-23 03:34:01
Expiry Date: 2014-10-23 03:34:01
Product Description
Device for Acne Removal and Rejuvenation:
CosLED is a product for all types of acnes for the young and the adult. The device is of lightweight and portable, easy to operate. Its reliable performance is steady, with positive results within 3-6 weeks from starting treatment. The device is for effective treatment for acne in the inflammatory stage.Treatment mechanism:CosLED emits a low power red light, fits human cells best. It can penetrate deep to the hypodermis, offering the energy that cells need, to activate cells and clean sebaceous gland; the purple light can destroy the growth of acne, reduce or eliminate harmful fatty acids to low molecular multi-peptides, preventing the sebaceous glands and the hair-follicle wall from blocking and suffering injury.At the same time CosLED provides energy for the maintenance repair function of the tissues, promotes cells regeneration, stimulates collagen regeneration, prevents aging, makes the skin tight to be real and flexible, maintains skin in high-point, and prevents skin wound from scar. Features:1) Wavelength: 650nm-670nm, 410nm-420nm2) Size of radiated area: Φ30mm-Φ40mm3) Portable design4) Ideal for acne removal and skin rejuvenation producing area:China supplying capacity:3,000pcs/month
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