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Product Information
Name: High Power Near Infrared Laser Diodes
Origin: China (Mainland)
Model No: any size
Post Date: 2014-07-23 03:34:05
Expiry Date: 2014-10-23 03:34:05
Product Description
High Power Near Infrared Laser Diodes:
The GCSLD-05 (06) series laser diodes are ideal for a diverse base of customers.At output powers from 200 milliwatts to 5.0 watts CW, the GCSLD-05 (06) laser diodes feature wavelengths with 808nm and 980nm. Typical emitted beam divergence is 40 degrees in the fast axis and 10 degrees in the slow axis (FWHM).The GCSLD-05 (06) laser diodes are especially useful for medical and solid-statepumping applications.Under type numbers are available: 1) GCSLD-05-200m-5, 808nm / 200mW / TO18 package2) GCSLD-05-500m-8, 808nm / 500mW / TO5 package3) GCSLD-05-001-8, 808nm / 1W / TO5 package4) GCSLD-05-002-4, 808nm / 2W / TO3 package5) GCSLD-05-2500m-3C, 808nm / 2.5W / C-mount package with FAC6) GCSLD-05-004-3C, 808nm / 4W / C-mount package with FAC7) GCSLD-05-005-3C, 808nm / 5W / C-mount package with FAC8) GCSLD-05-006-3C, 808nm / 5W / C-mount package with FAC9) GCSLD-06-200m-5, 980nm / 200mW / TO18 package10) GCSLD-06-500m-8, 980nm / 500nW / TO5 package11) GCSLD-06-002-4, 980nm / 2W / TO3 package12) GCSLD-06-2500m-3C, 980nm / 2.5W / C-mount with FAC13) GCSLD-06-005-3C, 980nm / 5W / C-mount with FAC producing area:China supplying capacity:15,000pcs/month
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